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Written by : LifeStyle Team

Nowadays, the cab services are at our rescue. Whatever may be the reason and whenever you want, the cab services provided by the private sources like UBER and OLA are saving our time and comforting us with their next level easement.

Agree or not??? We say a big yes, then how about introducing a cab in the marine world??? Stunned??? Don't need to be. One of the fast-growing private cab services by the name UBER is mesmerizing us with their out of the box creativity.

Yes, believe it or not, they are providing users with Cab services under the water level by the name scUBER. One can dive deep into the sea to enjoy the marine world where you get to interact with beautiful coral reefs, cute little fishes and of course many aqua animals with the help of a cab.


These exclusive services by UBER are entertaining the visitors at the Great Barrier Reef which is in Queensland, Australia. So, we EeYuva are here with the small description of the Great Barrier Reef along with the services of scUBER. Are you ready to know more??? Then, here we go…

All About Barrier Reef…


The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is the world's largest and most beautiful coral reef. This is the most visited tourist spot in Australia. This barrier reef is considered as the 'Seven Natural Wonders Of The World'. Scuba divers love to dive in this coral reef as it is alluring visitors and divers with its charm and crystal clear water. Numerous varieties of boat tours and cruises are available to enjoy the ride on this captivating coral reef.


Fishing and Dugong Hunting are the main attractions of this coral reef apart from scuba diving and cruise trips. The helicopter rides are also the most famous one which is chosen by each and every traveller. Imagine a helicopter ride just a few meters above the sea level??? That's obviously a cloud nine feeling, right??? Yes. 


First of all look at the tweet of Queensland Australia which has tweeted regarding the scUBER services in Australia. 

Who would not love to enjoy the great coral views of the marine world relaxing in an air-conditioned tube??? 

That amazing feeling you would experience will never be forgotten and relishes your moments for lifelong. 

So, we say this is really an outstanding, creative and mind-blowing thought by UBER services. Are you going crazy with the idea??? Then head to the Great Barrier Reef and enjoy the ride as well as feel the heaven at this beautiful coral reef spot.

(Image Courtesy: Shutterstock & Twitter) 

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