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Written by : LifeStyle Team

The Telangana famous tourist spot and heritage site 'Charminar' is not only renowned as a historical monument but has many important features associated with it.

It is a tourist spot, pilgrimage spot and last but not least a shopping palace. OMG!!! The streets of Charminar is filled with numerous stalls which are home to wide varieties of accessories and clothing.

Actually speaking, it is a hub of shopping. And, especially when you consider or review the streets of this exquisite place during 'Ramadan', you will get spellbind with the crowd and the nightlife of this monumental place.

Here we EeYuva have gathered some of the experiences of the recent visitors to this place and dotted everything exclusively in this article. Scroll down to know more about the fun-filled nightlife of Charminar…

Regarding The Monument…

Constructed in 1591, this global monument is also attracting international visitors to enjoy the splendid architecture of this structure. Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah was the reason behind this memorial construction.

It is a square structure with each side being 20 metres in height. Each of the four sides are associated with four grand arches. One has to climb 149 steps to reach the top of it.

Night Life At Charminar…

One can have a memorable visit to this place.


  • Firstly it attracts with its giant structure

  • Picturesque views from the top of the Minar is mind-blowing


  • Unlimited shopping

  • That Pleasant 'Attar' fragrance

  • You cannot even realise the time, you feel like afternoon even if it is midnight


  • Huge Crowd

  • Never ending shopping stalls

  • Delicious food

  • Haleem and special dishes

If you are going with your buddy gang then it benefits you a lot. Because you can go crazy with the fun-filled nightlife at Charminar.

Special Market For Bangles…


As soon as one utters the word Charminar, apart from this historical monument and nightlife everyone's mind pops up with the exclusive bazaar for bangles named 'Laad Bazaar' aka 'Choodi Bazaar'.

Laad meaning Lacquer which is a material used to prepare bangles. And these bangles are very famous, all the brides-to-be rush to this place to shop bangles for their big day.

As said above, all the streets are filled with numerous shops to which the sellers will attract customers with their beckoning tactics. And, as you enter the shop you will be mesmerised with the ambience.

Each and every shop is designed with a soft sofa and cotton mattresses on which customers relax and start shopping. And to your surprise, this bazaar is known for bargaining. The shop keepers will not make their customers feel sad, so they initially reduce the amount by bargaining.

So what else do you want, a sophisticated shopping area and that too a place where bargaining is allowed… OMG!!! Girls hurry up and start shopping in Charminar.

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