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Written by : LifeStyle Team

When we choose to enjoy wildlife tourism apart form adventurous and natural beauty, we often love to visit wildlife sanctuaries and zoo parks to enjoy and know more about the animals. And, we frequently come across people enjoying the views of animals performing stunts and acts in circus or flicks.

Guys, do you even spare a minute to ask yourself whether what is a safe and better way to protect our wildlife??? And, when we open our social media there would be many tweets and posts like 'save wildlife'. Guess what, these posts are only for 'Like, Comments and Share'. Is it a proper way to protect our wildlife and what else do we need to do for wildlife tourism???

We EeYuva are here today with a rare concept of how to do wildlife tourism. And, here is the article, go through it and know more…

Donate More….


We buy entry tickets for wildlife sanctuaries and zoo parks, it is a most common thing, but do something else which will benefit the animals. Those entry tickets are paid off as cheques for the employees who are working there. What to do for the betterment of animals??? Contact the manager and talk about animal protection, donate some amount especially for animal care. Do it and see, your heart smiles a lot with extreme satisfaction.

Give Them Space…

Everybody in the world needs their private space. Same does the animals do require it. Don't freaking irritate them by making weird sounds and disturb them, just visit the sanctuaries, zoos and look at them with intense care and love. Lakhs and thousands of people visit these places and does the same. Imagine it on yourself??? When you are in a room and someone continuously irritates you, what do you feel??? You feel like kicking them and make them to get out of your home, right??? So, think twice before you act regarding animals, especially when you visit sanctuaries and zoos.


When talking about the private space for animals, we are here to introduce you to that beach in Hawaii which really care for the water animals and that care towards them will make you awestruck.

Turtle Beach in Hawaii…

This beach is filled with turtles any time you visit. When waves walk back to the sea one can find numerous turtles on the shore which remains back to take some leisure time on the shore. And to your surprise, these turtles cannot be touched by visitors. All the visitors of turtle beach gather the location to watch out the resting turtles but they are protected by the lifeguards who block that space with ropes. No one can pass through the ropes and dare to touch the turtles. This kind of space will help wildlife animals to lead their happy life.


Most of the time we will get to see people riding sitting at the back of animals. Is this the correct way of pampering animals??? Also, some beat up animals like anything to listen to them. OMG!!! Pampering animals to the next level can be seen in Thailand which is an inspiration and guide to all the travel freaks.

Elephant Valley…


This is spread over 41 acres of land where 45 elephants are pampered in such a way that we cannot even assume such kind of love from our parents though. Every day these elephants are fed with 8 kgs of banana and other variety stuff.

Here the elephants are allowed to do whatever they want to. This is a place where these animals can have fun as if they are in Kindergarten. They will spend their peaceful life here. Visitors are allowed to enjoy the lovely life of elephants and also they will get to know how animals are to be loved.


And last but not least, don't focus on selfies, instead think any better way to spend quality time with wildlife.


So, this is how wildlife tourism to be done. Own this kind of patience in you and start exploring wildlife sanctuaries.

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