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The Cricket World Cup 2019 hungama has started yesterday and it is a treat for all the cricket lovers to have unlimited fun. So, as we decided to explore the beauty of places where the matches are being played. Today we EeYuva have come up with an article to explain the beauty of Nottinghamshire.

The nerve-wrenching match between West Indies and Pakistan is going to take place today in the Trent Bridge Cricket Ground which is at Nottinghamshire, England.

Trent Bridge Cricket Ground…


Trent Ground which is mostly used for Test, One-Day Internationals is located in West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire in England. This ground is nearby the third largest river in London named River Trent. According to legends, this is the best places in the world to watch cricket. It also holds the history of conducting Football matches too. This splendid cricket ground also has a meeting room which is specially designed for official meetings. There are also separate hospitality tickets available in this ground which one can use to surprise your loved one with specially arranged seats where you can relax and watch cricket with world class amenities.

Nottinghamshire And Its Nearby Attractions…

Nottinghamshire is a county in the East Midlands in England. This city is associated with the legend 'Robin Hood'. This city was recognised as the top 10 cities in the world to visit in the year 2010. Now, let us discuss about the attractions of this place… Here we go!

Sherwood Forest…


This forest area has been wooded since Ice Age and it is one of the royal forests in England. Attracting with its natural beauty this forest is grabbing around 1 million people to this place to enjoy the cool yet natural breeze from the trees. This forest is also associated with Robin Hood, there are some shows related to Robin Hood which are being published every weekend in this forest. There is also an arts and crafts centre attracting visitors with wide varieties of artistry.

Attenborough Nature Reserve…


This is the protected nature reserve place by the Nottinghamshire wildlife trust. This is home to rare species of birds and one can observe shoveler, diving ducks floating on this water. This site is a picture-perfect place to enjoy nature in a close view. There is also a nature reserve centre which educates us about the preservation of nature and wildlife.

Nottingham Natural History Museum…


This site is often used for rock concerts, sporting events and festivals. This museum displays the wildlife gallery which are differentiated as

  • Natural Connections Gallery

  • Bird Gallery Gallery

  • Insect Gallery

  • Mineral Gallery

  • Africa Gallery

  • Natural History Matters Gallery

In 2017, this museum conducted a tour on dinosaur skeletons, which attracted many tourists from various parts of the world.

Wollaton Park…


Wollaton is a park where you find herds of deer. Red Deer and fallow deer are the especial species observed here. Rare species like ring-necked parakeets are seen here. This park also hosts music festivals, car rallies and many more. One can witness the pleasant atmosphere in this park.

Here are the places that we have covered in and around Nottinghamshire. If you head to this place then make sure to visit these places…

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