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Click A Photo Of 'Kedarnath' And Win A Huge Cash Prize…

Written by : LifeStyle Team

All the travel freaks and adventure lovers get ready to squeeze this opportunity of winning a huge cash prize of Rs. 51,000. Yes, as we already discussed that 'Chardham Yatra' is not at all restricted to devotional purpose but also it has way more interesting things to reveal within, this is the huge example to showcase it...

Coming to the point, 'Kedarnath', which is one among the four Chardham Yatras is a place which is best suitable for trekking. And, guess what??? If you are interested in clicking pictures or else if you are a photographer then grab this chance and start trekking,

Trekking and Photography??? Yes, along your way to trek click the beauty of Kedarnath and post them that's all. If your picture gets selected then, you will get a chance to win Rs. 51,000.

This is the photography contest conducting by the 'Uttarakhand Tourism'. So all you have to do is get ready with your friend gang to 'trek and click'.

Here is the tweet posted by the Uttarakhand Tourism department to announce this contest… Look into the tweet and get the full details…

So, guys isn't it a cool opportunity to showcase your talent??? Then start trekking and start showing your skills in photography...

(Image Courtesy: Twitter)

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