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Chihuly Garden, An Amazing Glass Forest of Seattle...

Written by : LifeStyle Team

Sometimes a colourful dot on the artistic canvas enhances the beauty of the art. Likewise the spectacular creations by mother nature highlighted the beauty of the planet. It is the place where the lavish woods, cascading streams and numerous living and non-living things flourish. Dale Chihuly, one of the creative artists of Washington worked eminently to carve an amazing colourful glass forest over the blue planet.

'Chihuly Garden and Glass' is a beautiful place in Seattle, where all the artworks of Dale Chihuly are in the exhibit. It is a flawless creation of human where the pieces of glasses resembles natural trees and plants. Lies at the foot of Space Needle of Washington, an observation tower.

glasshouse Chihuly garden and glass seattle

This exhibition mainly houses the Garden, the Glasshouse and the interior galleries. It draws the attention of hundreds of visitors from across the world with unique glass works. Once you step into this world of glass works, definitely you cannot resist yourself from singing the praises of the art.

Chihuly garden seattle

Inside the Glasshouse, a mammoth hanging glass art piece remains as a cynosure of the exhibit. The finest carvings and designs of the artwork showcase the artistic skills of the sculptors. The Glasshouse is nestled in the mid of majestic woods where the tree like glass works are installed.

chihuly garden and glass

Stroll though the lavish woods to cherish the beauty of glass arts which resemble the natural trees. To render blissful moments to the viewers, the garden authorities installed some uniquely designed benches and never give a miss to taste the coffee in the mid of the garden.

The interior galleries of the exhibit showcase the complete history of the Dale Chihuly. Imagine how this glass world would be with massive designs, chandeliers, reeds and many more. Words fall short to describe this masterpiece, one needs to visit that locale to cherish its greatness to the core. It takes hundreds of days to design an art. So, my dear travel junkies, when you are on a trip to this place never hesitate to praise the works of an artist.

(Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

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