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Guys, are you in search of a location which provides you with extreme peace and some relaxation??? The weekend is alluring you to pick any location to kick-ass the overall week's stress??? Then, we EeYuva are here with an ultimate location which is in Italy and guess what this is a heavenly place to visit…

So, why late just read out this article and get mesmerised by this enthralling location… Here we go!

Where To Locate???

Capri is a beautiful island located in the Tyrrhenian Sea in Italy. This is surrounded by glittering water and extraordinary natural beauty. Capri is renowned as a resort location as it has crazy resorts and food stalls which offers you with mouth-watering delicacies.

What Are There To Visit In Capri???

The main regions which act as the backbone of this impeccable location are

  • Marina Piccola

  • Faraglioni

  • Anacapri

  • The Blue Grotto and

  • Piazza Umberto I

We discussed about them in detail, just have a look…

Marina Piccola…


Marina Piccola is a little harbour located on the southern side of the Capri. This island is connected in the route via Charterhouse of San Giacomo to Gardens of Augustus.


Here the way which connects the above two locations is a hairpin bend pathway (Via Krupp). This is way more adventurous pathway which every adventure freak must try out to satisfy their adrenaline rush. Apart from the pathway, the one more interesting travel spot is Gardens of Augustus.


Gardens of Augustus are the terrace like gardens which are designed in such a way to provide tremendous overlooking of the sea. This is a scintillating botanical garden which has rich flora in it. This garden has got a great panoramic vies of Island of Capri.



These are the rock formations observed in the Island of Capri. Faraglioni are the rock settlements which look very attractive stacks which are formed by oceanic rock.



Anacapri is another administrative division in the islands of Capri. In Italy, Ana meaning up, so Anacapri is observed at an elevation of 150m from Capri. There are many famous spots to overlook in Anacapri. Villa San Michele is the most visited tourist place in Anancapri. Chairlift from Monte Solaro to Anacapri is the major attraction of this region. Punta Carena Lighthouse is located 3Km from the island.

Blue Grotto…


Blue Grotto is a water cave on the island of Capri. The water that presents in this cave appears to be blue because of the sun rays. The original sun rays that fall on the cave reflects into the cave water thus forming a blue colour. This is a beautiful cave in which swimming is forbidden, the travellers should lay on their respective boats in order to enter the cave.


The oarsmen will move the boat with the help of chains that are adjoined to the cave. And, last but not the least, people are allowed inside the cave only when there are low tides and when the sea is calm, otherwise it is restricted to get into the cave.

Piazza Umberto I…


This is an exclusive place of Romanians used as a meeting point by both the residents or others. This is a famous square in the island of Capri. All the four walls of this square are designed by the famous personalities of the Romanian officials.

So guys, these are the stupendous places to visit in the Island Of Capri. Hope you find it very interesting and crazy too. Make a must visit to this location and have extreme fun…

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