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Written by : LifeStyle Team

There are infinite fun zones in the beautiful city of Hyderabad. Many of them are digital fun zones, some are manual play zones and few of them are water game zones. But, if weekend comes, many of us mainly the citizens of Hyderabad think to chill out at Necklace road.

Necklace Road is one such beautiful place where one can relax looking at the beautiful views of Hussain Sagar also known as Tank Bund. The Buddha statue in between the lake and the twinkling lights of ships and speed boats from Lumbini Park is the never-ending fantastic views of Necklace Road.

There is an iconic play zone at Necklace Road which is always filled with numerous public and the entire scene inside this play zone looks like a festive mode.

Yes, Jalavihar in Hyderabad is the most famous summer play zone which is nestled in between the beautiful Hussain Sagar and modish Necklace Road.

This Fun zone is completely water-based. There are many water games and water rides in this park. So, we EeYuva detailed regarding this beautiful amusement park in this article, just scroll down to know more…

What Is Jalavihar???

A fun place filled with water games and water rides suitable for all age groups. This is a place where everyone can enjoy to the moon and back with available water rides in the park.

Do They Maintain Quality??


As soon as we think about water games and water rides, most of us think that whether the water they use in the park is pure or does they contain any impurities which may further affect our skin?? Do they generate any allergies?? Keep all those questions aside, everyone asks the same doubt.

We say they maintain a very clean atmosphere around the park. The water purity they maintain is very good. You can drench yourself in the water along with your kids without even thinking a second. so, we guess now you can imagine the quality status of the park.

Available Rides

The rides in this park are differentiated into three categories they are Dry Rides, Pools and Water Slides.

Dry Rides

Frog Hopper is a ride where you are seated and carried to a height and suddenly drops you down. This is a way more thrilling ride where one can able to see the stupendous views of the city.


Kiddie Train is a toy train kinda ride for your little one. They can enjoy riding on this train.

A very famous Bull Ride is available here. Never ending laughs is the extreme output of this ride.

Experience the Trampoline Bungee Jumping in this water park. A thrilling way of spending your outing.

Bump someone with your car using Bumper Cars. These are the electric cars which give you sudden surprises from other opponent cars.



Missing a beach right now?? Worry not, head to Jalavihar to enjoy the Wave pool. The waves will carry you away with its heavy rush. There are shallow areas for small kids and deeper areas for daring devils.


Apart from the Wave pool, there is a pool only dedicated to ladies and kids. Ladies and Kids Pool With Fun Rides is the best pool where women can enjoy their privacy and happily make fun in the pool.

Water Rides

Do you ever experience a ride in Columbus?? The to and fro motion of the ride will tickle you a lot and hence the end result is screaming and laughing. Isn't it?? The same feeling will be experienced here but the only difference is you will be enjoying this to and fro motion along with water in the Pendulum Ride.


A ride in which you have to sit in a tube and allowed to slide down into a pool of water is nothing but a Tube Ride. The sudden drop in the pool will thrill you to the core.


Rain dance is so obvious in every water park. But want something more, then this is the best place. It has a rain dance floor but the added beauty is DJ. Yes, one can enjoy a lot with heavy music along with Rain dance both together is DJ Rain Dance. Crazy Right??


What about a twist in the ride?? A roller coaster ride along with water will make you scream like anything right?? Yes, here you are surprised with Twister which is a roller coaster water ride.


What if you are allowed to ride in a perpendicular water slide?? OMG!! that would definitely make you scream and obviously, you will close your eyes for a second. And by the time you open your eyes, you will be drenched in a water pool. This is known as Crazy Ride here.

Rules Of The Park


Clothing- Gents has to wear shorts/Bermuda and ladies has to wear leggings and a t-shirt.

Ticket- A person with 3 ft and above would be priced Rs 400. And below 3 ft should pay the amount of Rs 300.

Costumes and Water bands are available inside the park. One should wear a water band throughout their journey in Jalavihar.

Timings- Open in all days from 11 AM to 7 PM.


There are specially designed or allocated packages for schools, families, tourists and corporate people. There is also a banquet hall to celebrate your best moments.

So, isn't this location a best suitable place for having fun in the heart of the city??? We say yes, all you have to do is just head to this place and get thrilled to the moon and back.

Note: Thank you Jalavihar Team for providing me with these beautiful images.

(Image Courtesy: Jalavihar Official Team)

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