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When we talk about the prestigious 'Cannes Film Festival', we always divert our mind towards the scintillating looks of beautiful divas who made their presence more glittery there... But do you ever thought of the location where this tremendous Film Festival happens??? No, right!!

Actually, What Is Cannes Film Festival???

It is an international film festival held annually at Cannes, France. This is the perfect location or venue where it previews new films of all genres including documentaries from all around the world. All the beautiful ladies and handsome hunks give their attendance at this event from around the globe.

So, today apart from discussing about the fabulous looks of the divas at Cannes Film Festival, we EeYuva thought to introduce you the location where it happens annually. This is something out of the box right?? Yeah, we know! So stop thinking and scroll down to know more about the venue of this marvellous film festival.

Where Is The Venue Of This Festival???


This is a specially built convention centre for the Cannes Film Festival. Every year this spectacular event happens at 'Palais des Festivals et des Congres' which is 'Palace Of Festivals And Conferences' in English. This location is centred in the Cannes city located on the French Riveria.

This convention centre was built in the year 1949 to host this film festival. This is designed with a space capacity of 35,000 square metres for exhibitions, conferences and film festival. It has numerous rooms and specially designed auditoriums to organise events. But, nevertheless, this convention hall was especially constructed for the Cannes Film Festival. And, it is also a major tourist attraction in today's France visit.

About Cannes


Cannes is a luxury city located on the French Riveria, France. This is attracting tourists with its wide variety of villas, museums and picturesque locations. The very famous landmark of Cannes is 'Promenade de la Croisette', it is a renowned roadway in France which stretches its way along the Mediterranean Sea. This provides you with never-ending views of the sea. A posh place with white-sand beaches, restaurants, cafes and boutiques. One can relax under the beautiful palm trees along this roadway.

Other Attractions In Cannes…

While speaking about museums, there are many museums in Cannes which exhibit the artistry of early ages to present days. There are many luxurious villas and Islands nestled in Cannes. Overall it is the best place to spend a relaxing vacation.

Other Than Cannes…


Apart from Cannes, one can visit the most romantic and the best site-seeing place in the world that is France. The fashion and luxurious world in France will leave no stone unturned visiting this exotic place. This place is a combo pack of everything. It welcomes you with heritage sites, natural beauty, romantic destinations and what not.

How can one step out of France without visiting and without taking a selfie at Eiffel Tower?? Isn't it?? Yes, so this is the first location which would tops every travel freaks bucket list.

Paris, French Riveria and Castles of the Loire Valley welcomes a million tourists from all around the world every year. Then why don't you opt for this location for a beautiful vacation???

This is a lovely idea right??? Then head to Cannes, enjoy viewing the beauty of Cannes Film Festival, add a few beautiful moments to your kitty looking at the creative architecture of 'Palace Of Festivals And Conferences' (Venue of Cannes). After that head to some cool places in Cannes, later jump to Paris and French Riveria to have some romantic and pleasant time. What Say???

If you love the way we detailed or planned your visit then start booking your tickets and fly away…

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