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Nestled in between the Okhamandal Penninsula on the western side and Gomti river on the right side, the Holy City 'Dwaraka' is a picturesque location which is considered as the kingdom of Lord Krishna.



According to Hindu legends, Lord Krishna created his own kingdom named Dwaraka after migrating from Mathura along with Yadavas. Samudradev (Lord of the sea) gifted Lord Krishna with the land Dwaraka and Vishwakarma the celestial architect built this kingdom according to Krishna's wish. Dwarka is also referred as a gateway to heaven, where 'Dwara' meaning doors and 'Ka' meaning heaven.

About Dwaraka


As this kingdom belongs to Lord Krishna, the main temple here is Jagat Mandir which is dedicated to Lord Krishna. This original temple was built by Vajranabh who is the great-grandson of Lord Krishna more than 2500 years ago. Many re-modifications were done to this temple.


The whole temple looks like a giant structure emerged from the Arabian Sea and the orange coloured flag made from 52 yards of cloth is very clearly seen even from 10 km distance. One has to climb a total of 52 steps to reach the temple and it has two entries Swarga Dwar: 'Gate To The Heavens' and Moksha Dwar: 'Gate To Liberation'.

The main temple has five storeys extending temple height to 100 feet from the ground. The interior and exterior architecture of the temple spellbinds you with its richness and exquisite carvings.

It is one of the seven ancient cities of India. Jagat Mandir is also called as Dwarakadish Temple. This temple is completely made up of sandstone and limestone with an estimation of about 72 pillars.

Gomti Ghat


As we all know every pilgrimage site is accompanied by a ghat where pilgrims take ritual baths before visiting the temple. The same applies here too, Gomti ghat consists of steps leading to the Gomti river, a place where devotees take bath to wash away their sins.


On the Gomti Ghat, there are many small shrines which are dedicated to various Hindu deities. They are Samudra temple dedicated to Lord of Sea, Saraswati Temple, Lakshmi Temple, Chakra Narayan Temple and the Gomti Temple which is dedicated to Goddesses Gomti. Rukmini Devi Temple which is 2 km away from Dwaraka is also a major pilgrimage attraction.



A 70 feet fixed lighthouse is located on the Dwaraka Penninsula, which provides a panoramic view of the Dwaraka City. This is also a major tourist attraction of the place.


This temple is open to the public in the morning from 7:00 AM to afternoon at 12:30 PM and evening 5:00 to 9:00 PM.


As this is a land of Lord Krishna the main festival which is celebrated in much grandeur way is 'Janmashtami'. This is the renown festival celebrated all over the world by Hindus as it marks the birth of Lord Krishna.

Local boys form pyramids to hit the pot which consists of butter, this is the epic game played by Lord Krishna with his Gopikas and girls play Garba the traditional dance of Gujarat.

How To Reach There

Dwaraka can be reached by road from the state highway of Jamnagar to Dwaraka by buses. Direct buses are available from Jamnagar and Ahmedabad. A railway station is also there at Dwaraka itself. Nearest Airport is at Jamnagar (137Km).

Also, Watch The Video Tweet Of Gujarat Tourism On Dwaraka Here…

There are many more sites and picturesque locations nestled in and around Dwaraka. We will discuss about them in the later article.

So, get immersed in the beauty of this place and also get drenched in the devotional feeling by visiting this enchanting place. We guess this is the best pilgrimage site as this has lot of connection with Lord Krishna itself...

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