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Rajasthan, though it is a desert land of India, it is attracting many tourists with its picturesque locations. It is neither a complete pilgrimage site nor a heritage site, but in turn, this place is a full package of pilgrimage sites, natural beauties, heritage sites and many more.

So, we EeYuva today wanted to introduce you to the best of the best sites nestled in Rajasthan. Basically, you can take this article as a travel guide because we are covering one beautiful site from each genre.

First, we will start with Wild Life Sanctuary


Desert National Park is the largest national park in Rajasthan which is covering an area of 3162 km. This wildlife sanctuary is a best site-seeing location to view different animals, birds roaming heroically in the sand dunes. Visitors can view the dangerous species with the help of a Jeep Safari. Who would not love to wander in a Jeep and look at those endangered animals??? There are many more wildlife sanctuaries in Rajasthan but we are dotting the best one. Going to a wildlife sanctuary and looking at those animals which are caged is way boring, so why don't you go with this Jeep Safari??? Crazy right!!

A Visit To Museum Is A Must!!!

But, every fun lover would give those boring expression as soon as we plan to visit a museum, but we say cool down... there is an enthralling wax museum in Jaipur which is home to man-made wax statues of national and international celebrities inside it. There are statues of Aishwarya Rai, Mahatma Gandhi, Amitabh Bachchan, Michael Jackson and many more to list. This is Jaipur wax Museum which is located at the Nahargarh Fort. Trust us, make a must visit to this place and enjoy viewing the wax statues. Look at the tweet here, posted by Rajasthan Tourism...

While speaking about 'Heritage Sites', Rajasthan is fully covered with rich architectural sites, beautiful palaces and forts. So, we have short-listed these heritage-rich sites and designed into an article.


Have a look at the article in the link provided. Apart from these, there are Alwar City Palace, Badal Mahal-Bundi Palace, City Palace and so on…

This place is not at all lags behind with any other state when we compare with 'Pilgrimage Sites'.


There are way more temples in Rajasthan like the very famous Akshardham Temple, Jagat Shiromani Temple. We also included some famous temples in places like Pushkar, Bikaner, Nathdwara, Ranakpur in an article.

Activities That One Should Enjoy At This Desert Land...


As this place has a historical touch still in these modern days you can enjoy your Tonga ride, Vintage Car rides, the very famous Camel rides, to own that royal feeling enjoy horseback riding, hot air ballooning to enjoy the panoramic views of Rajasthan and the stupendous Jeep Safari.

Splendid Shows At Rajasthan…


As this place is filled with culture and tradition, there are many shows held which implicates the importance of their region. Sound and Light shows are held at Amber Fort and Kumbhalgarh Fort which showcases the story of those forts. Rajasthan International Folk Festival is held to exhibit the different forms of artistry, Kathak performance show which is held on every full moon day of each month.

What more is needed for a traveller to explore in Rajasthan??? This is a place which is a complete package of everything... So, don't waste your time and money in exploring international places rather pick this state which is full of wonders!

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