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Written by : LifeStyle Team

Costa Rica has set a trademark for eco-tourism with its serene beauty and enthralling nature. OMG!!! One cannot describe the beauty of Costa Rica without implicating its natural charm. Nature at its best has occupied its place in Costa Rica. Here we EeYuva have come up with a list of wonders that are alluring all and sundry with its unique and smashing locations.

Seven wonders of Costa Rica include Parks, Volcanoes, Beaches, Islands, Rivers, Museums and Medical tourism spots.



There are numerous parks to visit in Costa Rica. But, we have decoded them and have come up with the renowned and most visited park in this place. Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica is the most visited park despite being the smallest park. Although it occupies less space but entertains visitors with the quality of nature and mind-blowing serenity. Four beaches are accompanied by this park and can be reached with an hour snorkelling. Biodiversity is rich in this park where one can enjoy the cute little mammals and birds.



Poas Volcano National park consists of a volcano crater which is 290 metres in deep. An extreme volcano eruption happened in the year 1952 and recently in 2017, a small eruption has disturbed people from walking close to the crater. For some days, this park has been closed because of that incident happened. And, it is also said that they are planning to close the park for some days due to the emission of Sulphuric Gas. Varieties of flora and fauna are observed in this national park. It is the most attracting and most visited park in Costa Rica.



Playa Tamarindo is a long and rocky beach which is drawing tourists to enjoy the cool breeze of the never-ending sea. The eco-friendly activities that are done by every visitor are watching cute little turtles, diving, snorkelling, body surfing, zip-lining, horseback riding and fishing. People are seen playing beach volleyball and sometimes football even. This is a pleasant place to relish your moments.



Cocos Island is the small island in Costa Rica which is admired mostly by the Scuba Divers because of the wide varieties of hammerhead sharks, rays, dolphins. Actually speaking one can enjoy scuba diving to the moon and back as this island is filled with white sand which makes the water to appear in a crystal clear way. The oceanic qualities and the extremely wet climate is the speciality of this island and you cannot find such marine ambience in no other place other than this Island.



Celesta river is known for its turquoise colouration of water. This river is nestled in Tenorio Volcano National Park. It is occupied with one of the largest waterfalls. This takes around an hour to hike the waterfall from the river. Imagine yourself surrounded by blueish water along with greenish trees!!! You feel overwhelmed looking at the extremely beautiful views of this water and surroundings. This colouring factor of water to this river acquired with the aluminosilicate and high acidity present in the water.



Museo del jade is an archaeological museum which exhibits the rare collections of pre-Columbian artefacts. Stone tables, ceramics, ceremonial heads, adzes and other decorative crafts from 500 BC to 800 AD are exhibited in this museum. It also houses the world's largest collections of American Jade. There is also a separate Jade room which also displays the translucent jade pendants.

Medical Tourism…


Most of the tourists from America travel to Costa Rica to get the benefits of medical tourism. This country has 20 medical tourist spots with high-quality facilities. This is the notable landmark for dental surgeries and cosmetic surgeries. Due to the natural beauty of this exotic place, many of the health issues related tourists combine their treatment with ecotourism and takes a very small period to heal from any dangerous diseases. And the cost needed to cure a disease is less than 70 % when compared to America.

See these are the seven wonders of Costa Rica. Hope you find it way more beautiful and serene too. Plan a healthy vacation and if at all you want to get rid of any major health issues then head to this exciting place. Enjoy medical tourism and also get thrilled with ecotourism places in Costa Rica.

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