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Greece is endowed with a long history and fascinating culture that holds plenty of myths and traditions.

One should choose traveling to the country not only for its famous islands but also for its fascinating mainland packed with lesser-known destinations.

This is definitely a land you will fall in love with at a glimpse. So, let us have an insight about the country's historical wealth and sunshine captivate you.

Here are some reasons which will make you fall in love with the country:

1. Imposing Art And Culture

From finding Prehistoric and Archaic periods, interesting folk artifacts to visiting various Classical, Hellenistic, Medieval, and Byzantine monuments; this is where the past meets the present and old structures or art coexist with modern society. Arts such as architecture, pottery, weaving, music, jewelery, and painting are present throughout Greece's history.

2. Tasteful Treasures

Greek cuisine is irresistible and it's flavorful recipes use a variety of quality products to get that taste. The basic ingredients used are fresh produce, herbs, spices, Greek olive oil, etc. You should taste Greek meet, savory seafood, healthy fruits, vegetables, pulses, and cheese.

3. Island Blessed With Light

Greek sovereign land includes 6,000 islands and islets scattered in the Aegean and Ionian Seas, of which 227 islands are inhibited. Most of the islands are found in the Aegean Sea and are divided into seven groups (from north to south): The Northeastern Aegean Islands, The Sporades, Evia, the Islands of Argosaronic, The Cyclades, The Dodecanese and Crete. The Ionian Sea has one island complex The Ionian Islands.

4. Mind Blowing Beaches

Greek shores are world famous for their crystal clear waters and unique diversity. Greek land includes 6,000 islands and islets scattered in the Aegean and Ionian Seas, of which 227 islands are inhibited. The mainland and island areas end in a myraid variety of coastlines, with countless small beaches and bays.

5. Mesmerising Mainland

Greece is definitely famous for its islands but the mainland holds awesome treasures worth exploring. Magnificent mountains, rich ecosystems, rivers and lakes create an amazing ensemble. The imposing and thrilling land will make you feel that you become part of its nature.

6. Memorable Travel Experience

Greeks are descendents of Zeus Xenios, which means 'God of Hospitality'. So, you can expect a warm welcome from the locals wherever you go. You will be offered a world of opportunities to create your memorible experiences throughout Greece. Participate in Greek customs and traditions, in Easter or Christmas celebrations, in agricultural activities, in rustic festivals, in vibrant nightlife, in tours of historic towns and stone built villages.

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