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Written by : Info Box Team

Cricket is the second most popular game after Football in terms of viewership. Most of the viewers are from Asian countries, and like cricket in this part of the world is treated as a religion. Every individual cricket fan supports the game in some of the other way, but there are certain fans who support cricket by establishing groups or come together to watch cricket in stadiums. Yes, you heard it right. These fans are generally called the army.

They sit or occupy stadiums in groups and cheer for their respective teams by waving flags, chanting the names of their teams & players, singing unique songs, etc. The so-called armies even tease the opposition players or take a dig at them.

In the ongoing ICC Cricket World Cup - 2019, we have seen cricket fans trolling David Warner and Steven Smith from stands. Depsite facing severe critisicm from cricket fans, both Warner & Smith are doing good with the bat. Well, it is a different story all-together, let’s not get into those details.

Here, let us focus on such popular Armies in the cricket fraternity.

Barmy Army:

It is formed by a group of England cricket fans and is very popular across the world for their incredible support towards the English team. The army became popular during Ashes series. They always support the English side irrespective of their performance on the field.

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Swami Army:

This is an Indian based army established in 2003-2004. It got a huge fan base in India. They are seen travelling with the Indian team during major matches or tourneys.

They were recently seen during World Cup matches in Australia.

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Stani Army:

It is a U.K based army established by Pakistani supporters and it is headed by Amjhed, the captain of the army.

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