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Written by : Tech Trends Team

In a move to show how strong and durable its Redmi Note 7 is, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi, has sent it into space! The Note 7 smartphone is nestled to a hydrogen gas balloon and launched into the stratosphere layer of the earth.

For the setup, the company has designed and assembled a 3D printed custom frame that can withstand temperatures at -60degree celsius. And this frame is tied to a gas balloon that is filled with eight and half thousand litres of hydrogen gas and left into the air. The equipment has a dual tracking system that tracks the payload.

The entire set-up was sent about 30km in space for a period of 2 hours. At an altitude of 35,375 metres with 1KPa atmospheric pressure, the balloon was popped and the entire equipment descended down with great speed and hit the ground.

When taken it to review, the results were really surprising. The smartphone that was turned on and seen working absolutely fine. Also, there were no major scratches on the body and looked pretty good. Well, we need to thank Corning's Gorilla Glass 5 protection on both sides.

The smartphone, during the entire flight, has survived from extremely cold temperatures of -58-degrees and -43degree celsius at burst altitude. So, just imagine how strong it is built!

To your surprise, the smartphone while on its journey also clicked some well-defined shots while it was in space with its 48MP dual rear camera.

(Image courtesy: Twitter)

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