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Written by : Tech Trends Team

WhatsApp has got two new beta updates, one, WhatsApp on Android is going to remove the possibility of saving the profile pictures to the devices. The other is for iPhone users, where they can preview stickers they receive directly from the notification centre.

Starting with the first, WhatsApp versions on Android will not allow users to save the profile photos of any contact to their galleries. On all the earlier versions, once you open the profile photo of any user, through the share button, you could either save it to your gallery or share on the other social media channels.

Currently, the feature is in beta version and once it rolls out in real-time, then saving display pictures (DP) on your Android phones will no more be the way possible. Well, can't we take the screen-shot of the photo? Shoulders raised!

Secondly, iPhone users need not open the notification to view the full size of the stickers received... They can just long press on the notification and the sticker pops out! The updated iPhone version 2.19.51 carries the feature.

The updates were reported by WhatsApp tipster WABetaInfo.

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