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As it is the age of smartphones, every device maker presses hard to introduce a variety of technological advancements in their devices to stand unique among the lot. Well, it’s really tedious to keep track of every tech-piece entering the market amidst our busy chores. So, here is the list of smartphones that have at least one feature that is the world’s first of its kind.

Asus ROG

Being treated as the gaming smartphone, ROG is recognised as the world’s first smartphone to equip 90Hz refreshed rate AMOLED display. With such ultra-fast refresh rates in complement with 1ms pixel response time, you can have blur-free and crazy fast gaming!

Apart from this, ROG's high-end specifications ensure unprecedented marathon sessions without showing up lag in the performance. 3D vapour cooling system with the detachable AeroActive cooler is also the most attracting facet of the device. Here are the other features of ROG.

Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018)

Breaking the trend of triple camera set-up, Samsung’s latest Galaxy A9 (2018) is considered as the world’s first handset to sport Quad camera set-up on the rear. With four high-pixel lenses, you can capture distant photos, landscapes, low-light photos with much ease and superior quality.

Here go the entire specifications.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

With all powerful and latest configuration, Mate 20 Pro is codenamed as the king of smartphones. Surprising you all, the most interesting aspect of the handset is the ‘Wireless Reverse Charging’. That means you can charge other smartphones and accessories wirelessly. Click for the rest of the specifications.

Vivo Nex and Nex S

Vivo Nex

Nex and Nex S are recognised as the world’s first smartphones to house retractable selfie cameras. Whenever you want to click a selfie, just tap on the selfie icon on your camera app and the front camera protrudes out. Here are the other features of Nex and Nex S.

The concept is later installed on Oppo X.

Vivo X20 Plus UD

Vivo which always tries something innovative is also the first tech-maker to install in-screen fingerprint sensor, besides pop-up cameras. The technology can be seen in its Vivo X20 Plus UD smartphone that was showcased at CES 2018 held in January. The other specs are listed here.

Samsung Galaxy S9+

It looks like Samsung has learnt our thirst of having DSLR-like features on our smartphones and introduced 'Variable aperture' feature on its Galaxy S9+ that none of the devices had till then.

The dual aperture lens intelligently switches between the F1.5 and F2.4 modes based on the scene lighting conditions. That means, if you are clicking photos in dark, the lens opens f/1.5 mode which pulls in more light and brings out bright shots. In case of less light, the aperture is set to f/2.4.

Other than these, Galaxy S9+ got many interesting features, just take a look here.

The trend is then followed by Xiaomi’s Mi A2.

Moto Z3

Though Motorola's Z3 has an amazing set of features, the standing out feature and also the world's first in its kind is its ability to turn into a 5G upgradable smartphone. But this needs the companion 5G Moto Mod. Once you attach the moto mod, Z3 can be used to stream 4K live videos, upload up to 300 photos of any high-end quality at a time, work remotely, play in AR and VR, etc. Rest of the features of Moto Z3 go here.

Samsung A8s and Huawei Nova 4

We all know the idea of installing notches is just to expand the display size on smartphones. They sport front cameras and few other motion sensors. Now it looks like the era of notches too is going to end. Samsung and Huawei have installed in-screen selfie camera on their A8s and Nova 4 respectively. That means front cameras will now be seen directly on the mobile screens. Well, the smartphones are yet to enter the market this December.

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