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Written by : Tech Trends Team

Over the five years, Wear OS has seen really fantastic upgrades and all recognition goes to Google which is pressing hard to get our things done smoothly and quickly. The recent one was the swipeable access to Google Fit which reads out data of your daily activities like walking, biking and running.

Now, the company has set to debut six more new Tiles namely Goals, Next event, Forecast, Heart rate, Headlines and Timer.

So, from now on, with a simple swipe to the left, along with Google Fit data, you can monitor heart functioning, check your progress towards your fitness goals, plan in advance where to go, keep track of latest headlines and set a timer.

Adding more comfort, you can rearrange the tiles in the order you like them to have. Despite being into headlines or checking weather reports, you can simply touch and hold a tile or touch and drag one either in your WearOS app or directly on the smartwatch.

The new Tiles will be available on your Wear OS smartwatches from the next month and tend to vary based on phone OS, watch and country.

(Image courtesy: Google blog)

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