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How To Play YouTube Videos In The Background On Your Smartphones?

Written by : Tech Trends Team

The most annoying facet of the YouTube app is that the moment we minimise it or switch to other apps or turn off the smartphone screen, it immediately pauses the video that is running. That means the app has no background play option. But how can we work on other apps of our smartphones and listen to YouTube music at the same time? Here are simple workarounds you can try without the need of third-party apps.

Toggle 'Desktop Site' On Your Browser

'Desktop site' on your mobile browser helps you run YouTube in the background and carry out your tasks on the foreground. All you need is launch your mobile browser, visit and click on the video you want to play in the background. Then under the three-dot menu on the top-right corner, enable 'desktop site'. This takes you to the desktop style YouTube where your video will still play even if you exit the app (browser) or shut your screen off. In case, the video is paused, you can drag down the notification panel and tap on the 'Play' icon to continue.

The same works on the iOS devices too. Enable the 'Request Desktop Site' under 'Share' option and play your favourite video in the browser (be it Safari, Dolphin, Opera Mini or Chrome). Once you exit the tab (or the browser), if the video is paused, swipe up on your screens (for Control centre) and tap on the 'play' icon. This resumes the audio and video will be running in the background.

Install 'Video Background Play' Extension

Video background Play is the Firefox extension for your Android smartphones to run YouTube videos in the background! All you need to do is, just head to tools→ add-ons on your Firefox browser, search for 'video background play' and install the add-on. Once done, launch your Firefox, run and start playing your video. This keeps playing your videos even when you turn off your home screen or switch to another app on your smartphone.

Besides these, with YouTube Premium subscription, you can achieve the task … but it is currently unavailable in India. YouTube Red also offers ad-free music and lets users download video of their choice.

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