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Written by : Tech Trends Team

When we just scroll through the launches at CES 2019 that ran in the 2nd week of January, you can find the initial glimpses of Google Assistant's new feature 'Interpreter mode' that translates the speech in real-time between 26 supported languages. Well, the feature has now come alive on Google Home, select smart speakers and smart displays with Google Assistant support.

Interpreter mode listens to the speaker's language and translates it into the other one that you set in beforehand. All the translated conversations are read out to the listeners aloud on 'Google Home' and take audio and display formats, in case of smart displays.

To invoke the mode, users need to say Ok Google, and then

  • be my Italian interpreter.

  • help me speak Spanish.

  • interpret from Polish to Dutch.

  • chinese interpreter.

  • turn on interpreter mode.

You will need to initiate the interpreter mode in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, or Spanish. And don't worry if your preferred language is not present here.. after you kicked up the mode, you can ask the Assistant to translate it to your required language.

To stop using interpreter mode, you can just say a command like stop, quit, or exit. Users of smart display can simply swipe from left to right to quit the mode.

So, no more language issues with those who can't understand your spoken language. But according to a few hands-on experiences, it is known that the feature isn't fully polished. Though it fared well with basic and simple phrases, there were a few time gaps while translating longer dialogues. The other downside with the mode is it is often getting confused with the similarly sounding words from two different languages.

(Image Courtesy: Google)

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