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Written by : Tech Trends Team

In a move to let users keep a close watch on their health and fitness journey, American wearable manufacturer, Fitbit on March 7 introduced the newest line of goodies that include a smartwatch 'Fitbit Versa Lite Edition' and three activity trackers - 'Fitbit Inspire HR', 'Fitbit Inspire' and 'Fitbit Ace 2' - that cost Rs 15,999, Rs 8,999, Rs 6,999 and Rs 6,999 respectively.

The accessories were launched in the US and other global markets… with no details regarding launch in India!

Versa Lite Edition

Just like the siblings Versa and Versa Special Edition, 'Versa Lite Edition' also packs all the essential tools to monitor heart rate, track calories and distance, steps and sleep patterns. And for girls especially, the tracker is equipped with female health tracking that logs periods in the app, gauge ovulation, compares your cycles with weight, activity, etc, also send private alerts.

Just connect your watch to your phone's (Android, iOS, Windows) GPS and see all the real-time statistics directly on your wrist during runs and rides. Besides, you can direct all your call, text or app notifications of your phones to your watches, when your phone is in the vicinity, and send replies to the messages too!

The design language of the smartphone is absolutely fantastic with lightweight, sleek and durable form factor. The smartwatch is water resistant up to 50meters and sports a battery that runs for 4+ days on a single charge. To give a classy touch to your watches, you have got a bunch of clock face designs…. pick one for you!

Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR

The new entries into the Fitbit portfolio have got all interesting features to note. Firstly, Inspire HR can track your resting heart rate 24/7, sleep stages, calories burned where you can log your food and compare the calories you ate and calories burnt, steps taken, distance travelled, records runs and swims using Smart Track, etc.

It can even set silent alarm on your wrist, gives reminders to stretch your legs and take 250 steps every hour, offers timer & stopwatch features, and has more than 15 goal-based exercises to reach your set goals, etc.

Just connect your Inspire HR to your smartphone's GPS and get a bunch of note-worthy features handy, call alerts, message notifications, app alerts, for instance. So, you will never miss any important message from your loved ones. Android, iOS and Windows 10 devices are compatible with Inspire HR.

In terms of design, the device has a touch screen, backlit display, on-screen dashboard helps you track sleep, activity and more directly from your wrist and a 5-day battery.

When it comes to Inspire, it has all features of Inspire HR, except advanced calorie burn tracking, 24/7 heart rate monitoring system and ability to record sleep stages.

Fitbit Ace 2

Fitbit's Ace 2 is made for kids! The activity tracker can record steps, active minutes, sleep timings and has handy timer & stopwatch to set goals. Using Fitbit app, you can even set reminders and silent alarms that wake up kids with buzzing on their wrists.

The Fitbit product comes with two parental controls namely, Parent View and Protected Kid View, where the former allows parents see what their child is accessing all the day and cut connections to the content that is distraction them. And in the Protected Kid View, children will be able to know their stats & badges, pick their favourite clock faces & avatars and connect only with the friends that their parents approve.

As far as design is concerned, Ace 2 ensures 5 days of battery life on a single charge just like siblings and also come with swim-proof up to 50meteres body. The tracker has a touch screen to navigate along and the band that goes around the hand snug fit and offer comfortable working sessions.

Built on the idea of not one size fits for all, don't you think that the wearables give you more ways to customise your fitness journey? So, understand your health, see progress in daily challenges, and also stay connected to the Fitbit’s large global social fitness community that keeps you positive always and suggests the necessary measures!

(Image Courtesy: Fitbit, Twitter)

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