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Written by : Tech Trends Team

Despite the entire digital world observing a massive upswing in the field of smartphones and their advancements, virtual reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are growing at a faster pace on the parallel lines. The virtual feast these technologies offer made them settle in diverse fields.. especially gaming and entertainment in the form of VR headsets. Well, the headsets have lot more to enjoy… but with just some small enhancements. Let’s see them here.


In lieu of wired earphones, pair up your VR headsets with over-ear wireless headsets this time, you will experience a musical feast for sure! They offer enough comfort while moving your head and hands to move across the content and their much powerful components (than earphones) bring out rich and balanced audio. Also, ensure that your headset has built-in battery and good noise cancellation techniques.

Gamepads (Wireless controllers)

We do agree that VR headsets come with enough controls to play any high-end game, but gamepads add new comfort levels to your gaming and most importantly brings back those childhood retro gaming styles. However, your gamepad should have simple button layout so that you can figure out the buttons blindly, long-lasting battery to play more, high computational power to chuck away latency and back-lit illuminated buttons to work even in low-lit environs.

Above all, the controllers should have ‘customisation’ option so that you can program buttons (assign different tasks to the buttons), make adjustments to the actuation point of the triggers to make shots quicker and attacks faster, etc.

Haptic Gloves or VR Gloves

How would it be if we can feel our gameplay? No matter how compelling your visuals and audio content are, the real thrill of the game can be experienced only when you interact with the objects in it and feel them in real time. Will you agree with me? If yes… then go for Haptic gloves that are equipped with haptic technology. Just slip your hands into them and when you pick up any object - a glass jar or any ball or some pen - in the virtual space, you can actually feel its weight, texture, size, etc.

Besides these, you can even feel the vibrations of the actions going on in the game or some video. But this needs Haptic suits.

Motion Controllers

Gamepads to an extent offer good gaming controls but to have much more interactive gaming, motion controllers add the best. Besides housing all the buttons that a gamepad has, motion controllers can sense the hand and finger movements. It has sensors all over which can sharply detect our hand movements in real time and reflect them in the virtual gaming world floating in front of your eyes.

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