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Written by : Tech Trends Team

At last, after numerous rumours, Apple, on March 20, upgraded its AirPods with many significant features that turn the truly wireless earbuds more better and powerful. Termed as the second generation wireless headphones, the new in-ear buds come with improved battery unit, powerful H1 audio chip, enhanced Siri and a wireless charging case.

Well, going deep into the details, Siri which is now named as 'Hey Siri' can be activated and accessed hands-free. That means users will be able to change songs, make calls, adjust volume or get directions and many more while keeping their hands in pockets and just saying 'Hey Siri'!

The new AirPods are powered by the powerful in-house H1 audio chip that ensures revolutionary audio experience and improved synchronisation. They offer almost 50% of extra hours of talk time that 1st gen AirPods and 2 times faster switching between iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch while listening music.

The third enhancement is the optional wireless charging case. The new AirPods come with both standard charging case and wireless charging case which enhance the listening time of the earbuds by 24hrs. And those who wish to power up the case even on the go can pick the new wireless charging case. It is Qi-compatible, so you can simply place it on any Qi-charging pads to charge it up. The new case will have an LED indicator on the front that reads out the charge level.


When it comes to the price of the new AirPods, there is no change. They are priced at 159 USD (with standard charging case) and 199 USD (with standalone wireless charging case)/Available to purchase in the US through Apple store app and apple.com. Wireless charging case alone costs 79 USD.

India will have the new AirPods in May 2019 at Rs 15,000 approximately (with standard charging case) and Rs 19,000 approximately (with wireless charging case). Whereas, wireless charging case alone costs Rs 7500.

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