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Written by : Tech Trends Team

With the evolution of modern DSLRs & digital cameras and the progressive technology advancements, photography is reaching greater heights where not only professionals but a novice can handle it with much ease. However, the scenario is completely different in the case of smartphones. You can't find all the internals that a DSLR have here. So, to fill that gap here are six external camera (for smartphones) accessories you can try to augument your mobile photography.

4-in-1 Clip-On Lenses

Though traditional lenses on your smartphone produce decent shots, they are ones with fixed focal length wide angles which are confined to shoot only particular standard clicks. But how about capturing landscapes, distant objects or any macro objects? Here comes '4-in-1 clip-on lenses' which feature the varied optical lenses like telephoto shots (for far away objects), wide-angle (for wider scenes), macro (for close-up shots) and fisheye (for curvy frames). Based on the necessity, users can swipe between the lenses.

Clip-on lenses are just an extra glass layer for your devices' camera that lets in more light. In addition, they also add enhanced contrast, colour exposure, colour temperature, etc., to your photos. So, just clip the lens over your device and start focusing. The only downside with these is that they cover up your flash unit.

Gimbal Stabilisers

Sometimes the videos we shoot include unwanted jitters and shakes that might be caused due to camera movements, sudden rush of air flow or when you set fast shutter speeds. To retain the quality of the videos even in such intense movement scenarios, you got to have 'Gimbal stabilisers'.

The stabilisers feature brushless motors that put the device steady in any harsh environments. Stabilisers come in two modes -2-axis stabilisers and 3-axis stabilisers, where the former can stabilise your videos in all the 3 axes (Roll (rotation along front -back axis), Pitch (rotation along up and down) and Yaw (movement alongside to side)) and the latter can handle only Pitch and roll axes. So, no matter which direction your smartphones turn, you can film cinematic like footages with sharp quality.

Pocketable LED Flash Lights

Undoubtedly rear cameras are enhancing at a great pace in the market, the only concern of the users is towards front-facing cameras. Though not all, some of the handsets launched these days have no proper flash units that are arresting users from clicking brighter shots in low-lit environs. To chuck the issue away, go with external flash units or spotlights which flash out extra artificial light to illuminate the whole dark scene.

All you need is to clamp them to your smartphones via the 3.5mm headphone jack and starting clicking selfies.

Not just for selfies, we can even pick flashlights for low-end rear cameras.

Instant Portable Printers

It is no more an era of clicking a shot and going back to local snappy studios to get it printed. Our pocketable smartphones in collaboration with 'portable instant printers' deliver extraordinary instant photographs. Users just need to wirelessly sync their smartphones with printers and start printing their favourite stills.

These printers, not all, also offer handful of editing options to enhance the quality of photo prints.

Remote Shutter

Want to be in every shot you click? Or sticking your arms out to fit your entire gang in a single selfie frame? Then a remote shutter control is a perfect add-on for your smartphone! Remote shutters wirelessly (Bluetooth) connect to your smartphones and feature a button to capture shots. All you need to do is just fix your smartphones at an angle (using a stand) and step away to any distance until your crazy gang fit in the frame. Then fire a shot!

Some of the remote shutters also shoot videos. Before choosing one for you, check its mobile compatibility.


While shooting landscapes or for low-light photography, you generally require relatively slower shutter speeds, longer focal length and narrow apertures to keep everything in focus. Such long time exposures by any chance could introduce unwanted blurriness to your photos. So, to get sharp and stabilised pictures, go for a tripod.

It's time to pair your smartphones with these add-ons and film all your best moments with stunning qaulity!

(Image courtesy: Moments, Osmo mobile, concepter, HP)

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