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5 Interesting Announcements Made At Google I/O 2019!

Written by : Tech Trends Team

Google's Keynote Google I/O 2019 which kickstarted on May 7, 2019 in Mountain View, California has witnessed a slew of announcements and many of them are centred on Google Assistant. So, this is a short list of enhancements that CEO Sunder Pichai has unveiled.

Google Maps AR Walking

The addition of AR Walking feature to Google Maps is found to be the most interesting one. AR Walking feature guides users across streets and cities in reaching their destination by overlaying blue arrows on the real time street in front of you! So, instead of a virtual version of the street, you will now be able to see the real streets that you are currently in. And this can be achieved with Lens and your mobile's camera unit.

To use AR Walking on your smartphone, open Google Maps, enter your destination and tap on Walking navigation method. Then, tap on start AR and point your camera at the street around you. Then the screen reads out blue arrows in the direction you need to move. Don't you think that it is a pretty cool feature when you are to some unfamiliar cities?

As of now, AR Walking feature is accessible only on Pixel 3a and older versions.

Incognito Mode In Google Maps

Incognito mode which is found to be used widely on Chrome browsers is now making to 'Google Maps' app too. So, from now on, the places you search for and the navigation details in Google Maps won't be saved in your browsers or the device. Meaning, none of your activity is linked to the Google Account!

To enable Incognito mode, tap on the profile photo in the Maps and select "Turn on Incognito mode".

Along with Maps, the feature will also be available on the Google Search app! Recently it was introduced in YouTube app.

Live Captions

Making Pixel phones more productive than rivals, Google has introduced a new feature called Live Captions that brings up live subtitles to almost all the videos (with audio) that you see on third party apps, YouTube, camera, live chats and recordings as well without wi-fi or mobile data. Don't you feel that the feature would really help those who are deaf and struggle at hearing??

Not just for videos, Live Captions works with phone calls, podcasts, audio messages, etc. So, when you are on call and hard of hearing, these subtitles really help you know what the person on other end is speaking to you!

Live Relay

Live Relay is another speech recognition technology that is useful for those who can't speak or hear while on call. It actually makes use of the device's speech recognition technology and text-to-speech conversion technique and lets the phone's Google Assistant listen and speak out the text that user type. Even Live Relay works without an internet connection!

Google Duplex

Google's Duplex is the other new project from Google which reverses a table at a restaurant, on your smartphones without the intervention of the user. Meaning, instead of users, Google Duplex with the help of Google Assistant speaks with the restaurant with an AI-based human voice and books a table.

All the user need to do is just update the necessary information to the Google Assistant and it does the rest! The Assistant calls up the restaurant provides the information you updated, get the reservation and updates you immediately!

Currently, Duplex can just book a table at a restaurant... and soon can book flight tickets, movie tickets, rent a car, book appointment at hospitals, etc.

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