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Written by : Tech Trends Team

During night time the spotting motorcycle is a bit tricky because of its poor visibility and smaller presence on the roads when compared to cars. It is also one of the main reason to increase the number of deaths or injuries in motorcycle accidents. To put an end to such struggles, the NewYork based designer, artist, entrepreneur, and inventor - Joe Doucet has developed a new safety helmet - Sotera Advanced Helmet, which makes the rider more visible on the roads to other drivers particularly in the nights.

Sotera Advanced Helmet: New Half Helmet With Brake Light

The new Sotera Advanced Helmet is designed and developed to prevent the accident where other helmets are designed to minimise the injury after an accident. The helmet is equipped with a USB chargeable LED lighting panel that switches red when the rider applies a break. Helmet's built-in accelerometers detect when the rider brakes and the LED changes the colour white to red, alerting drivers behind them.

The price of this designer helmet is not yet announced and is expected to be priced higher compared to standard ones. To make this concept available for all, Joe Doucet has refused to patent and offered it freely to all manufacturers.

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