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Written by : Tech Trends Team

According to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, nearly 5 lakh road accidents happening in the country which resulting huge loss of lives. To reduce such kind of fatal accidents, the Road Transport ministry has launched the 30th 'National Road Safety Week' from February 4-10 2019 for generating awareness and sensitizing people about safe road usage. To take this forward, SIAM (Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers) has declared 2019 as the 'Year of Road Safety', to underline its commitment and support for promoting safety on Indian roads.

Though the government is organising safety awareness campaigns and educating the public about road safety, there is in a need of self-regulation towards road safety while driving. Part of this great initiative we EeYuva reminding you of the few road safety measures that every rider/driver should follow on their daily commute.

Obey The Rules

Yes! As a biker or car owner and also a pedestrian, it is our moral responsibility to obey the traffic rules. In India, 3 out of 10 deaths are happening due to the traffic rule violation. Following the traffic rules will ensure the riders and pedestrians bear out from the road accidents. So, if you find any signal without traffic police, don’t jump the red and wait for the green light.

Wear Helmet & Seat-belt

Till the point of time when a traffic cop stops us, we haven’t remembered about the helmet and seat belt while driving. The statistics also revealed that for every 10 fatal incidents, 4 are registering the negligence of not wearing the helmets and seat belts. It is our responsibility to think about our safety while driving and embrace it as a habitual action that saves us.

Know Your Limits

Every car and bike has limits. So, keep in mind that it's not only about your safety, others too. Whenever you ride or drive know your speed limit and drive carefully. While riding in the new routes and highways, better not to go too faster and maintain the speed limits mentioned in the signboards.

Maintain Distance

We may have seen it at the back of the buses and taxis. Once again we are reminding you about it. Keep a safe distance between yours and other vehicles because we can’t guess others driving attitude and when they apply the brake. So, distance maintenance also helps you see the driver in front of you.

Don’t Drink And Drive

Although it is routine caution, due to overconfidence and negligence, 4 out of 10 accidents are occurring due to drunk and drives. Though it is an offensive, people are not bothering about it and committing the same mistake. And chances are high for an accident when a person is under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Because it impacts the driving abilities and also difficult to judge the distance between objects.

Last but not least, avoid Phone/Texting while driving because it may divert the driver's attention and it is not at all safe to you and your co-travellers.

So, drive carefully and reach the destination safely