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Monsoon Windshield/screen Maintenance Tips

Written by : Tech Trends Team

Driving in the monsoon is difficult because of poor visibility. Misty rain and mud droplets from other cars are also the reasons to block your view while driving. Such driving conditions are not safe for drivers and passengers as well. In such situations, the windscreen plays a key role by protecting us from the wind and rain to enjoy the journey smoothly.

Monsoon Windshieldorscreen Maintenance Tips

Here EeYuva brings you the windshield maintenance tips, take a look

Wiper Blades

The rubbers on the wiper blades need a change every year because it wears out easily. It is better to change them before monsoon and ensure rubbers are not cracked. Make sure the wiper system is working properly.

Monsoon Windshieldorscreen Maintenance Tips

Washing Fluids

Ensure that washer fluid are filled up to the mark or at least to the required level from your mechanic. You can also use normal water with a mix of shampoo/glass cleaning liquids as windshield washing fluid.

Monsoon Windshieldorscreen Maintenance Tips

Water Repellent Glass (WRG)

If you are going to replace a windshield in monsoon choose Water Repellent Glass (WRG). The main advantage of this glass is, it quickly flushes out the water in the form of rain, sleet and snow and it is highly durable which needs little maintenance.

Monsoon Windshieldorscreen Maintenance Tips

Rain Sensor Windscreen Wipers

Rain sensor windscreen wipers are one of the best options in monsoon. The rain sensors of the wipers detect the volume of rain and accordingly adjusts the speed of the wipers without human intervention.

It is also advised to replace windscreens that have small cracks because some times small crack may also turn into a large crack that collects water and debris causing further damage to the windscreen. Keep in mind the above-mentioned tips for clear vision on the roads in monsoon for a safe journey.

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