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Know How To Drive A Car In The Beaches

Written by : Tech Trends Team

In the recent times, a video of a car which got stuck in a fast-moving wave after the vehicle was driven too close to the seashore on a beach in Virar city of the Mumbai Metropolitan region had become viral. Luckily, all those in the car escaped with no harm, and later it was fished out with the help of a tractor from a nearby village.

In this scenario, EeYuva brings you a few tips that you need to follow while driving on the beaches and sand.

Reduce Tyre Pressure

The first thing you need to do while driving the car on sand is to reduce the tyre pressure. Reduction of tyre pressure may give more grip on the sand surface and lighten the footprint of the tyre.

Low Speed And Avoid Harsh Braking

Always maintain a speed limit of 40kmph and avoid cornering the tyres because low-speed limit may reduce the chances of your tyre getting stuck in the sand. Also, avoid harsh braking, if you brake hard your car tyre may sink into the sand and it makes you spend extra time and burn extra calories to come out of it.

Know How To Drive A Car In The Beaches

Watch Out Tides

Must and most important thing to remember for beach drives is to know the timings of low and high tides because harsh tides drag your car into the sea. The best time to drive on the beach is two-hours of low tide.

Know How To Drive A Car In The Beaches

Also, make sure that your car is packed with less luggage and avoid driving close to the water. Don't forget to wash the undercarriage to avoid rusting because salty water and sand combination creates rust on vehicles. According to the experts, off-road and 4-wheel drive cars always best for beach and sand drives.

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