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Know-How To Adjust Rear-View Mirrors For Safe Rides

Written by : Tech Trends Team

Do you know the importance and need of rear and side-view mirrors of the car? Of course, you may be aware that they provide clear visibility of the vehicle surroundings to drive safely without any distractions. Sometimes, most of us avoid using rear-view mirrors while driving and also forget to adjust them. It is quite important like airbags and other safety features of the car.

To give you a clear idea about them, here are few tips on how to adjust the rear-view and side-view mirrors.

  • There are two types of mirrors namely ORVM (Outside rear-view Mirror) and IRVM (Inside rear-view Mirror). ORVMs are used to view the vehicles trying to overtake or the vehicle exactly on our tail and IRVM is used to look for the vehicles coming exactly behind you.

Know How To Adjust Rear-view Mirrors For Safe Rides

  • Make a habit of adjusting rear-view and side-view mirrors every time before you start your car or bike.

  • Also, adjust your central rear-view mirror (inside the car) - make sure that the driver should be able to see the whole rear windscreen through this mirror by just moving his/her eye direction, not the entire head.

Know How To Adjust Rear-view Mirrors For Safe Rides

  • It is advisable to look for every 5-6 seconds through rear-view mirrors. This will help you to understand the traffic conditions behind you and the cars that are approaching you dangerously.

  • To get a clear view of the rear blind spots, attach blind-spot view mirrors to the side view mirrors. These provide a fisheye view of the rear side. Make sure that side-view mirrors are positioned properly and then affix the blind spot mirrors. So that you can see what the other part of the mirror is missing.

Know How To Adjust Rear-view Mirrors For Safe Rides

In recent times, global car manufacturers are racing towards connected and autonomous car technologies. Following this trend, few car companies have digitised their rear and side-view mirrors with cameras and sensors to reduce the blind spot accidents.

Better remember and follow these simple tips before you take your car or bike on the roads and ensure a safe ride by avoiding unwanted collisions.

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