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Written by : Tech Trends Team

A couple of days go, TVS Motor Company has launched ethanol-powered motorcycle into the Indian market. After its launch with a price of Rs 1.2 lakh question raised among many buyers is ethanol is readily available for commercial use. Government of India is trying hard to make it available for commercial purpose whereas the US, Brazil and a few European countries are using it successfully for a decade. In the initial stage, TVS Motor sold ethanol version Apache in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra only, later it will expand it to other states.

Here EeYuva take a chance to differentiate between ethanol-powered Apache and petrol run Apache

Coming to the look, the Apache RTR 200 Fi E100 gets green graphic decals symbolising that the bike is Eco-friendly. It can be run on 100 per cent ethanol or a combination of 80 per cent ethanol and 20 per cent petrol but petrol power Apache runs on petrol only.

Both bikes use the same 200cc single-cylinder engine, ethanol Apache delivers 21 PS power and 18.1 Nm of torque. Whereas the petrol-powered Apache churns out 20.5 PS power and same torque.

Difference Between Petrol Apache And Ethanol Apache

The Apache RTR 200 Fi E100 is equipped with twin-spray-twin-sport EFI technology which ensures better drivability, faster throttle response and reduces emission levels.

Ethanol is domestically produced from renewable plant sources. It is non-toxic, biodegradable, as well as safe to handle, store and transport. It also helps reduce carbon monoxide emissions, particulate matter and sulphur-di-oxide. Use of Ethanol as a fuel will also reduce dependence on the import of petroleum and increase energy security. As we all know that petrol is flammable and produces highly toxic when compared to ethanol.

Though it is a breakthrough in the Indian two-wheeler market there is an unanswered question as to what is the best alternative for gasoline? Ethanol or E-model? As ethanol is also an end product of the fermentation process and the majority of electricity in India is generated from coal power plants which are also draining. Automakers should think about all these circumstances and bring a better product which benefits both the seller and buyer.