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9 Things To Consider Before Buying A Pre-Owned Motorcycle

Written by : Tech Trends Team

Two-wheelers are considered to be a major necessity in the current scenario. In a country like India, they are a better option for many in their day to day life. Though there are many options to buy not everyone can afford a brand new and the perfect choice for such kind of people is pre-owned. Two-wheeler manufacturers like Hero, Ducati, Honda and Harley-Davidson also ventured into this business to provide the best deal and to keep the customer in the same family.

Pre-owned bike/scooter can help novice riders in strengthening their riding skills. The reason is whatever, buying a pre-owned bike/scooters needs the same amount of patience and caution you exercise when you are looking for a brand-new model. Here EeYuva lists out a few things one should consider before buying a pre-owned/used bike/scooter to make the best possible decision.

1. Approaching the dealer, gain some knowledge on the model which you are going to buy. That may save you from the fraudulent dealers.

2. It is always better to avoid modified motorcycles. Because you don't know how they modified and it may make you spend some additional amount after purchase.

3. Examine thoroughly whether it has any scratches, damages and rust in any part of the motorcycle.

4. Test drive the motorcycle yourself and think that it will suit your need in all aspects like seating posture, riding comfort, suspension and braking.

5. Check whether lights, horn, choke, indicators and speedometer are functioning properly.

6. Verify the year of make on Original Registration Card (RC). Make sure that engine and chassis number both are matching with the numbers on the RC book.

7. Before making a payment, ensure that the paperwork such as Registration book, taxation book, invoice, and PUC certificate is done properly.

8. Accompany your friends while going to buy. It is also better if you take a motorcycle mechanic with you. Because they are very much expertise of the pros and cons of a used one.

9. Finally, before you start using your new bike/scooter, get it thoroughly cleaned up and change the fluids in the engine.

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