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6 Add-Ons For Long Distance Motorcycle Riders

Written by : Tech Trends Team

Many enthusiasts ride their two-wheelers towards unscheduled or scheduled destinations to explore themselves to the world and to share the brotherhood. Few of them ride their machines for a noble cause and few rides to get relax from their routine hectic life. Though it is difficult to ride long distance and sitting in one posture for hours without getting tired, people may enjoy their rides. Here, we have brought some of the accessories that help such long riders to have hassle-free rides.

Wrist Supporter

Cram Buster is one of the types of wrist supporters that assists the rider while accelerating. The rider just has to rest his wrist while riding. Another one is Throttle Control or Cruise Control that controls the acceleration according to the rider's choice. The rider can fix the throttle at a required range of speed during long drives in highways to avoid wrist pain.

6 Add-Ons For Long Distance Motorcycle Riders

Comfortable Seat

Sitting a long time in one posture may results in pain in the butt, which causes you to stop your bike every hour to relax. To avoid this unpleasant condition, seat upgrades or a variety of add-on seats are available to assist the rider. Not only foam cushion seats but also gel-filled foam seats and air cushion pads are available in the market. In air cushion, the rider can adjust the air pressure in the cushion according to their weight. This air cushion absorbs the vehicle vibrations, harmful road shocks and gives the same comfort to different weights.

6 Add-Ons For Long Distance Motorcycle Riders

Mobile Holder

To keep your Phone secure during bike rides there is an accessory which helps to continue your journey without any stop because of phone calls. Yes, you can place your mobile in the holder and it is also used as GPS device holders during rides. There are a variety of holders available to assist the rider. Choose the one which suits to your bike.

6 Add-Ons For Long Distance Motorcycle Riders

Back Rests

These give a lot of support to the spine and takes pressure from the butt and legs. Some automobile manufacturers offer removable backrests that suit for all seating positions.

6 Add-Ons For Long Distance Motorcycle Riders


For long-distance rides, one can't go with a simple backpack. We carry some extra luggage to manage stay, dressing, food and gadgets. To carry our baggage along with us, we tie it up to the back seat or pillion has to carry it. To avoid this, tail bags, tank bags and saddlebags help you to carry your luggage without any struggle.

6 Add-Ons For Long Distance Motorcycle Riders

Foot Pegs

We stretch our legs towards the crash bar to get relax while riding a motorcycle during long rides. Or, we stop our bike aside and stretch our legs for a minute to relax. Many standard bikes have middle footpegs that don't give much comfort for motorcycle touring. To avoid this, fit a pair of widening footpegs or highway footpegs to the crash bar, which assists you to stretch your legs when there is no need of applying brake and gear shift.

6 Add-Ons For Long Distance Motorcycle Riders

Next time, if you are planning for long rides, think about these accessories before you kick start your touring on a motorcycle. Have a pleasant long ride!!!!

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