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5 Unusual Habits You Should Avoid While Driving

Written by : Tech Trends Team

According to the International Road Federation (IRF), Indian roads are witnessing over 5,00,000 accidents each year resulting in about 1,47,000 fatalities. These motor accidents are also leading cause of death among youth and children in the country. The key reason for such accidents is a traffic violation, over speeding, overloading, juvenile driving and drunken driving. To reduce such incidents and violations, the Indian government has revised its Motor Vehicle Act, 2019 with heavy fines which will be implemented from September 1st. Apart from this public negligence and some unsafe driving habits are also the reasons for such fatalities.

Here EeYuva takes a chance to list out some unusual habits which are to be reminded on alert caution while driving.


First and foremost one, when we sit in the car. Even it is made mandatory by the government many of us are careless about wearing a seat-belt. There may be many reasons but wearing seat-belt will reduce the impact of collisions for sure. Not only the driver, but it is also safe for all front and rear passengers to wear a seat-belt.

5 Usual Habits You Should Be Cautious While Driving


Many surveys reveal that most Indians admit that they are using a mobile phone while driving which divert the driver's attention and leads to collisions. Finding this habit as a major reason for accidents, carmakers have introduced an advanced feature called phone connectivity which will connect the phone to infotainment system where drivers can access their phones (calls, text and music) through voice commands and steering mounted controls.

5 Usual Habits You Should Be Cautious While Driving

Follow The Traffic Rules

We do watch and share many CCTV footages of fatal accidents at traffic signals but how many people follow the traffic rules. The discipline of following traffic rules like jumping red signals, stopping the vehicle on pedestrian bay and wrong side entries may save a minute time but it is an inconvenience to the pedestrians and fellow road users. So, make it a habit to follow traffic rules and make others also to follow.

5 Usual Habits You Should Be Cautious While Driving

Driving Under Alcohol

'Don't Drink and Drive', the slogan is quite popular and very common where it warns the drivers to not drive under the alcohol influence because intoxicants slow down your actions which influence the judgment and put you and others in a dangerous situation. So, better not to mix drinking and driving. Booking a taxi may cost you a few bucks but the decision you take saves a life.

5 Usual Habits You Should Be Cautious While Driving

Continuous Driving

This could result in drowsiness and fatigue. Ideally, a driver should take at least 5-minutes rest for every two hours of continues driving. Driving faster can increase the tiredness as it needs a higher concentration. In case if you feel tired better to take 15-minutes rest and stretch your legs, arms and back to rejuvenate the body for next mile.

5 Usual Habits You Should Be Cautious While Driving

Apart from the above mentioned, exceeding the speed limit and overtaking are also other reasons that are causing fatal accidents. So, next time whenever you sit behind the wheel/ handlebar be mindful of all these habits to have a safe journey and avoid heavy penalties.

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