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5 Tips To Consider Before Buying A New Bike This Festive Season

Written by : Tech Trends Team

It's raining offers from different automakers that is tempting all classes of people to buy a bike during this Dussehra – Diwali season. Most of the people in India consider it auspicious to buy a bike during the festive season, thus the automobile industry is showering discounts and luring the customers so as to increase their sales. Here is a checklist from EeYuva, which would help you to pick the right bike of your choice.


Based on your interest, choose one of the following.

  • If you are going to use it for daily commuting, then choose a standard bike (100cc to 150cc).

  • If you are a racer, select a sports or naked motorcycle (more than 150cc).

  • If you are a lover of long rides and weekend trips, cruise and tourer motorcycles are the best choice (350cc and above).

  • If you don't like gear shifts, better to go for a scooter/moped.


Set the budget according to your purchasing capability. Though many banks are offering financing option, be aware of interest rates. Visit more than one dealer, because there may be a variation in the price.



Your physique (height and weight) also matters while selecting a motorcycle. If you are short or lean, select a light-weight bike which is easy to balance and handle during rides. Though seat customisations are provided to adjust the seating position according to the rider's choice, it is also a fact that smaller bikes (size and cc) are not suitable for long rides.

Generally, the dynamics of motorcycles differ from one motorcycle to another in reality. So better, go for a test ride before you buy a bike and examine yourself whether the seating and leg position is comfortable or not.


For small distances and daily commuting, it is advisable to go for a 100cc to 150cc engine bikes, which have best fuel economy and less maintenance cost. If you are looking for engine power and speed, go for the motorcycles that are equipped with higher cc engines.

100-150CC Bikes

Dream Bike

Every bike enthusiast has his own choice of dream bike, when aspirations continue to grow big, one day you may get one. Riding a motorcycle of your choice will make your rides joyful. Go for it, because what you ride always matters.

Don't Forget To Buy A Helmet Along With The Bike - Safety Matters, Have A Happy Ride!