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5 Safety Tips To Protect Your Bike From Burglars

Written by : syamprasad

Even if we take all precautions to prevent our loved bike from thieves, there are specialists around us who have expertise in bike stealing and using them for unlawful activities. After losing it all we need to do is file a complaint and wait for a call from the cops when the bike is recovered.

To safeguard the bike from burglars, EeYuva provides you 5 tips to protect your bikes.

1 Park And Lock Your Bike Properly

It is not a difficult task for them to steal a parked bike whether it is outside your house or any other public place. Pay attention while parking your bike, see that the handlebar is locked perfectly. In order to ensure that the handle is locked, check attentively while getting off the bike.


2 Give An Anti-theft System Protection To Your Bike

Another best solution is to install an anti-theft device to your bike. There are two types of security devices available in the market - (i) Anti-theft alarm and (ii) App supported GPS tracker with engine immobilisation. In case of any unauthorised moves like lock breaking, duplicate usage or any other forceful way to start the bike the alarm will raise loudly that it can annoy/alert anyone in the street. The app supported GPS tracker sends the information about your bike to your mobile like bike location via SMS, ignition detection, movement detection, SMS alert on bike theft. The app enables you to switch off engine via the mobile phone itself.

3 Disc Lock

Disc locks are one of the most commonly used mechanical anti-theft devices that protect a bike. There are two types of disc locks - (i) normal disc lock (ii) disc lock with alarm. The normal disc lock just locks the brakes making it impossible to the burglar to even move the bike, whereas the disc lock with alarm cautions the people around the bike.


4 Wheel Lock

Wheel lock or U lock, this is the most used safety device in all classes of people. It locks the wheel firmly and it is the most affordable safety device for all the bike users. It is more convenient and one can also lock the wheel to a pole.


5 Kill Switch

Most of the bike thieves steal the bike by breaking ignition wire and handlebar lock. The hidden Kill Switch is one of the modern-day motorcycle protection devices that switches off the engine by cutting off the engine ignition. Now no one can start your bike by cutting the bike wire.

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, it is better to make it difficult for motorcycle thieves to steal your bike by creating mechanical problems like pulling a fuse, loosening the spark plug cap and attaching a petrol lock, thus thieves will assume that your bike is broken and they may give up the job.

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