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5 Essential Car Care Tips In Winter

Written by : Tech Trends Team

Usually, cars may refuse to start in winter due to cool weather condition. It’s a common problem that every one of us come across. Because, the chill weather may freeze your car engine oil and battery, that causes the car to refuse to start. After a lot of ignitions, the car may start, sometimes, it may also lead to charge the battery down. Here are a few tips that prevent your car from unwanted breakdowns in the winter season.

5 Essential Car Care Tips In Winter


Check out the battery condition, because, in winter, the battery needs to work harder to supply an extra power to the car. So, before going for a drive, ensure that your car battery has sufficient charging. If you find any white powder around battery clamps, remember to clean it properly for the free flow of charge and make sure the terminals are corrosion free. Carry jumper cable set that helps you to start the car if it refuses to start.   

Engine Oil

Before setting your vehicle for a winter season, it is advisable to change the engine oil because engine oil may get thick due to chillness. This may affect the free flow of lubricants to engine parts that resist the engine to start fast enough. Make sure that the coolant tank is filled up to the mark.  After ignition, don’t rev your car engine immediately. Let the lubricants pass on to the engine parts and give a gradual acceleration to heat up the engine.  


During the winter lighting system plays an important role. To find a clear path in foggy road headlamps and especially fog lamps helps you to drive safely. So, check them whether they are in good condition. If no! Replace them immediately. Use fog lamps for better visibility and they make your car more visible to others.

5 Essential Car Care Tips In Winter

Wax Coat

Park your car under a roof or put a cover on it. During the winter season, snowfall increases in nights, that may damage your vehicle’s paint. Safeguard your vehicle paint by applying a wax coat after a car wash, that makes your vehicle look new and prevent from corrosion.

Tyre Pressure

It is advisable to replace the car tyres with new ones. Because, in winter time, roads get wet due to snowfall. Riding on wet roads with poor condition tyres may cause unwanted situations. Also, check the tyre pressure regularly and maintain manufacturer recommended tyre pressure.

Apart from the above precautions, also examine wiper blades, Brake oil, AC ventilation, Radiator hoses and Belt.

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