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Vivekananda's Birth Anniversary: The Pioneer Of 'English Speaking' Scored Just 47% In English - Reveals The Book 'The Modern Monk'

Written by : Info Box Team

The man of his kind, who inspired thousands of souls with his speeches and writings especially in English, had scored just 'average' in the exams of the same language - says the book 'The Modern Monk: What Vivekananda Means to us Today'.

The book jotted down by Hindol Sengupta is an attempt to give us an unfolded insight into the life and story of the greatest philosopher, Vivekananda. The author stresses that "it is Swami Vivekananda's modernity that appeals to us today who used to keep on questioning everything around him."

The book has several interesting aspects of the monk including his liking for the French Cookbooks, his invention of a new recipe back then - a Khichdi, his interest in ship-building engineering, and others that are not known to many us, the present generation.

The most interesting element, indeed a fact that is scribbled in the book brings forth the sheer excellence that Swami Vivekananda possessed in English speaking with which he ruled many hearts even overseas was not on par with his academic score!

Going by the revelations by the author, the scores of Swami Vivekananda in three different levels of examinations are – 47% in the entrance exams, 46% in the First Arts Standard and 56% in BA. (this is not to lessen the legend's efficiency in academics, but to inspire many brains out there on how he surpassed his own efficiency and became one of the greatest motivational speakers in English)

"Born in the family of a rich lawyer, he was able to get pretty much the best available education including studying at the famed Metropolitan Institution school in Calcutta (now Kolkata). This was perhaps why he spoke and wrote in English with the fluency of the British," the book, published by Penguin, has in it.

The author, however, goes on to say that Vivekananda's marks were not reflective of his skills, particularly those in English.

Yes, we do agree. Well, how many of you have read the book. If not, attempt it today as it is the 156th birth anniversary of one of his kind legendary Swami Vivekananda. Yes, that is why we observe Youth Day today (January 12). Got it guys?

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