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Written by : Info Box Team

We must accept the fact that books and book lovers are inseparable. But just let us imagine a book freak okays the deal 'to spend one whole day without reading a book'. Though it is next-to-impossible tough task for us to get a book freak into such bet, what if they agree? What kind of a day it is going to be for them? Will they discover a new 'them' or regret their decision later? Whatever the after-effects be, let's look through the imaginary time-line from their one bad (book-less) day. 

5:00 AM

They wake up at dawn - not to meditate or exercise, but with that haunting fact of them having to sustain a day without reading!

08:00 AM

A morning cuppa and brunch? Sorry. It's going to be a testing time. Without an open-paged book in one hand, book lovers are not used to lift a cup of coffee or a spoonful of oats with the other hand.

**Sorry buddy, but you need to win the bet, right?**

09:30 AM

Heading out for work is the thing that can't be avoided, we know. But the point is, there is at least an hour or two available to read a book en route to the office. But now, they cannot. Wasting a valuable stretch can almost bury them because talking to the fellow commuters is neither their usual cup of tea nor do they engage in music.

02:00 PM

When everybody is enjoying their lunch break at office and having fun, our book freaks suffer a Catch-22 as they could not read like they do on a usual day. A catch-22.

06:00 PM

After an awful day at work (since they haven't read anything till that time), our book fanatics return home with the same difficulty of finding no ways to kill time.

07:00 PM

On the way home, they might turn green with envy at the sight of a fellow commuter reading a book. They just feel like shouting their stomach out.

*Take a chill pill buddy, just few more house to go**

08:00 PM

Reached home, ditched the evening coffee (we know why), hit the couch zapping television channels.

*Time runs for everyone except them.*

09:00 PM

They keep on ringing almost all the contacts on their phone in a bid to kill time.

10:00 PM

This could be the painful-est time of the day - Bed time. Book lovers hardly spend a pre-snooze session sans reading. And because of such a bet, they can experience sleep deprivation.

Next Day 06:00 AM

And then start the happiest hours! They welcome the sunrise with a fresh page besides taking a pledge of 'not to repeat the bet for whatsoever and whomsoever'.

Book buffs never change. But why should they? After all, a book is the first thing they need in the morning and it is the last thing they see before bed.

(Image courtesy: Shutterstock; GIF courtesy: YouTube)