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Written by : Info Box Team

Happy New Year, readers! So, what are your New Year Resolutions this time? Not just this day alone, but the whole month January is a great time of the year to set up new targets and reach them within the end of the year. While the rest of the world is discussing the new year's resolutions out there, our dear book lovers are busy awaiting the new releases and grab their copy! Of course, they love doing so. Also, this is the best time for all the book buffs to pledge themselves on some book-resolutions.

Here, we have sorted out a list that makes every book buff go gaga over it. Pick your favourites up and stand by those throughout the year.

1 - Have An Organised Book Shelf

Start with sorting out the old and new reads, to-be-read and have-read, favourite genres and others. After all, all that a book lover seeks is the best reading space that boosts them to go on with reading.

2 - Finish Off The Series ASAP

While swapping genres is recommended every now and then, it is an appreciable thing to finish off all the books in a series that are pending.

3 - Take Up Some Reading Challenges

Gift your self that one book you have been craving to own, provided, you devour those pending books each in a week or two in a month. It is quite encouraging to take up such a reading challenge.

4 - Random Shuffling Of Genres

Go trying hands and eyes on a different genre this time which completely contrasts with your favourite one. Maybe something exciting hits your mind once you get attached to that new line!

5 - Donate Rather Lending

It is formidable to possess some literary kindness buddies! Yes, being possessive of the books you own stands far away from taking pride in the love you have towards encouraging reading. Agreed? Just go with donating those books you have already read many a time.

6 - Connect To New Authors

We do appreciate and encourage the authors who have carved a niche for themselves with their outstanding works for many years. But it is like being a 'responsible you' to allow the works of new and young authors occupy your shelves this year. Hope you won't miss out the wonderful books from them.

7 - Invest Smartly On New Books

Let every penny you spend on new books gets its worth. Take a note to not to stack up your shelves with books before you are done with those pending and half-read titles back onto the same shelves.

Once again, EeYuva is wishing you all - readers and non-readers (of books!) - A Very Happy and Prosperous New Year!

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