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Written by : Entertainment Team
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Popular singers like Adnan Sami, Kanika Kapoor and Armaan Malik, along with the legendary A.R. Rahman, are all set to find a soulful new voice in the upcoming music reality TV show "The Voice India".

The new season of the show will begin on Star Plus from February 3, and will have a new format where Rahman will be the ‘Super Guru' and the rest of the three singers will be the voice coaches of the contestants.

How do they define a good voice?

Adnan told a source: "I think there are some great singers we have seen in the world of music who are technically perfect, but not all of them perhaps touch our soul, because I believe that those voices touch our heart which have a spiritual quality."

"Those voices create an impact on our mind and you do not know why... Of course, whether it is in a music competition or in professional singing, after a point of time, everyone is singing a song correctly. But some are born with a blessed voice. We will pick them up and groom them to shine," explained the 'Lift kara de...' singer.

Kanika said: "I am not looking for a pitch perfect voice. I would rather go for the one that I feel. There are some voices that we hear, and though they are not perfect technically, they are expressive. Those voices can really express emotions through a song.

"At times, we call them an unusual voice. I don't mind if a voice is not the so-called ‘usual', but unless as a singer you are not expressing enough to touch my heart, you are not the one I am looking for."

"One can be groomed to get the technical aspects right, but the soul has to be there in your voice," added the 'Baby doll...' fame singer.

Armaan, who is one of the youngest playback singers in Bollywood, said: "I have not set any parameter to choose a voice because I think you cannot say why do you love a voice... It just happens.

"I think that's where a singer gets connected with the listener. One cannot give an explanation as in why someone loves one's voice over another. But I want to celebrate the individuality of a new voice."