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Written by : Entertainment Team
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Social media has become a major platform for people trying to exhibit their skills. Earlier, people were performing their stunts or shows on the roads to garner some sort of attention but today the scenario is completely different. Any interesting video or post that is buzzworthy goes viral within no time with multi shares across the social media.

Similarly, a recent music video of a veena artiste, in which she is seen composing Ed Sheeran Popular song 'Shape of You' and A R Rahman's 'Urvasi Urvasi' from 'Premikudu' has caught attention on the internet. The composer known as Srivani posted the tuning video on her timeline and has become popular soon after the video went viral. The video has been watched over 43 thousand times so far with 4K likes. The subtle blend of the most popular songs has earned her many compliments from netizens and music lovers.

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