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Vivek Sagar And His Compositions - From 'Pelli Choopul'' To 'Mithai'

Written by : Entertainment Team
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The reason we mentioned about this young music director Vivek Sagar from the current lot is not because it is his birthday today or he has won an award. If you have listened to the latest track 'Idhem Life Ra...' from Mithai, you might have noticed the music composition of the song is something that is not run of the mill kind.

We agree that we love the melodies from our talented and senior composers. Like you, we too have a list of musicians that are our favourite since long back. But now, there has been a new lot in the industry that is trying to establish a name for themselves and even trying to showcase their uniqueness in delivering some youthful themes and beats.

As we mentioned the name above, Vivek Sagar is one such music composer of Tollywood and is one of the newbies. Listening to his latest track 'Idhem Life Ra...' from Mithai, our team has tracked down his music profile and found some unique compositions in his kitty that were overnight hits.

Well, look through the songs that we have curated from his few yet worth-mentioning works/films.

Let's us start with the latest one – 'Idhem Life Ra...' - It well connects to the today's youth

'Merise Merise...' from Pelli Choopulu

'Ee Babu Gariki...' from Pelli Choopulu

'Neevalane...' from Yuddham Saranam

'Swagatham Suswagatham...' from Ee Nagaraniki Yemaindi

'O Cheli Thara' from Sammohanam

Well, we liked the uniqueness in his music and the new beats. Let's wish this composers and his likes or peers come up with more staggering and fresh music for us, the music lovers.

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