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We know International Women's day is not just around the corner and is not going to be anytime very soon. But still, we are putting up this songs' list to prove that there is no need of any particular day to represent, honour or to dedicate to women, if we really would like to.

Let those cute and bubbliest intro songs of the lead actresses be have their role in films as we, audiences, like them as they are. But we do indeed feel proud by watching those tracks that depict the true spirit of a women – as a leader, home maker, achiever, dreamer and what not?

We feel even the film makers think the same and so they every now and then come up with women-oriented scripts that have a huge place for 'she'. And songs are no less in showcasing the power and calibre of the titular role in the films. As the latest bollywood blockbuster Manikarnika - the legacy of Jhansi ki Rani, is seeing an increased round of applause day by day amidst the spiralling controversies, it rang in our minds with the thought of bringing women-oriented songs or songs that represent women, especially the leading roles as synonyms of power, perseverance, optimism and success.

Remember these are the songs from mixed genres but the intention of taking them remains the same!

Look, listen and let us know how you like them.





Aavide Syamala



Chak De India

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