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Written by : Entertainment Team
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It is the 105th time we are saying that music has no language barriers and you must have listened and read the same some 1000 times. But we are once again proving the statement and we can't resist it.

While watching a couple of Telugu films of late (of course not the recent ones), our team has caught a surprising element that we have almost ignored all these days. There are songs out of the destined language that made way in the flick and that is not it, they even became instant hits that sustained for long.

Did you ever realise such songs in our Telugu flicks? You must not have taken a note but you might have even grooved to few of them, while some of those tracks would have made your day and others, gave you a pleasant feel.

Well, let's not waste any more time to get what those songs are.

Note: These are not just the best or the complete list of songs as we have picked top-rated from the best non-Telugu tracks in Tollywood.

'Ye Mera Jahaan...' from Khushi

'Vaarai...' from Chandramukhi

'Hut Hutja...' from Balu

'So Much To Say...' from Santhosham

'Thalaiva...' from Bujjigadu

'Travelling Soldier...' from Thammudu

'In The Night...' from Badrinath

 'Shivuni Aana...' from Bahubali – The Beginning 

Though not the complete song, the prelude of the track in Sanskrit is just more than awesome.

Don't delay in writing back to us of the songs we have missed here. By the way, which one is your favourite?

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