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Written by : Entertainment Team
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Rapper-dancer Raftaar's "Main wahi hoon" gives you a nostalgic experience about your school days, captures the school memories from the perspective of a back-bencher who relished every moment in school. The rap by Raftaar and Karma is presented by Zee Music. It is available on Amazon Prime Music as well.

"This hip-hop single is very special to me. It's super nostalgic and speaks of one of the most beautiful phases of my life," Raftaar said in a statement. "I was always a back-bencher and loved hanging out with my friends. This song represents exactly that. I would like to dedicate this song to all my classmates and friends who are now spread all over the world and to tell them how much I miss those days! This is one song everyone will easily be able to connect with, as when you look back, you realise how much fun the school days were," he said.

Anurag Bedi, Business Head at Zee Music Co, said "The song has a catchy beat and lyrics that will remind many of their school days and will connect with listeners. With rap like, 'Main wahi hoon, piche wali seat wala, paperon mein cheat wala, khota sikka ddheeth s*la', the track explores a space of commercial rap, thereby giving a new twist to the song." It is evident that Raftaar came to limelight with his raps in 'Gully Boy'.