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Written by : Entertainment Team
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This is the age of creating dubsmash, and Tik Tok videos, uploading them to Insta pages and enjoying the likes and comments, to show off our talent (if we have got any), right? Running after publicity might be the key here. But what if publicity and applauds come to us knocking at our door? After you utter "impossible", scroll through here.

Many of the millennials, especially the current generation have the habit of blaming our fate or family backgrounds for lagging behind what we crave for. Also, there are few from the lot who, irrespective of what destiny has in store for them, go ahead with their passion.

But there is this middle-aged lady who is creating a lot of buzz these days. Know who is she. We have been keeping track of this lady named Baby while surfing the web in a usual manner. Our minds have been boggled by what we have seen in Baby's talent as a singer (to-be in films) with no music education, no big background. Nor does she know how to hold a mike!!

Hailing from a village Vadisaleru in Rangampeta (East Godavari, AP), her only advantage is her memory power that enables her to remember the whole song or lines in one go and give it back equalling the original ones and hey, if not exaggeration, more than that!

Have you guys stumbled upon this name, Baby, anywhere on your FB pages, or YouTube trends and tried finding out who she actually is? The latest one to have got a chance meeting Megastar Chiranjeevi. Besides, ace singers and composers like Koti, A R Rahman, S P Balasubrahmanyam, Janaki, Raghu Kunche, Geeta Madhuri are awestruck by the singing ability of Baby despite her background.

Know what the music legend A R Rahman has to say about Baby referring to the casually captured and shared snippet of her singing 'O Cheliya...'  The snippet that brought all the unexpected fame to Baby

Musician Koti's interaction with Baby

Singer-Composer Raghu Kunche shared this post on his twitter handle

She has been even felicitated by Tollywood of late for her immense god-gifted talent. Not surprisingly, she got a chance to record her voice for a song in Raghu Kunche's next project Palasa 1978 besides music legend Koti's.

Now, we shall call her singer baby. You might not resist yourselves in saying Yes, because you listened to her crooning!

Well, there is no wrong in saying, "Thanks to media, social media and Koti!"

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