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Happy Birthday Raghu Kunche - The Versatile Musician

Written by : Entertainment Team
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We have known him as an anchor, actor, music director and more popularly as a singer. With his versatility, the songster-composer carved a niche for himself among his peer which sustained for so long and still continuing. This is Raghu Kunche for you.

Having forayed into the music industry way back in 2000 and crooning a good number of tracks that sum up to 600+ in Tollywood gave Raghu a special place in the industry. But all this was not a cake walk for him, it took him years to accomplish what he yearned. Raghu is also a known name in Kollywood as well as Sandalwood. He is a recipient of five Nandi awards.

Today, the singer-lyricist-composer is turning a year older (June 13) but not his music, as we felt. So, as a treat to his fans and music lovers, our team decided to come up with the top songs sung and composed by the multifaceted personality. Before that, Happy Birthday Raghu Kunche.

Let's start with this peppy number which also established Raghu Kunche as a music director as well as proved the singer in him. 'Lachmi Lachmi...' from Bachi is what we are talking of.

If you remember the film Bumper Offer whose music was also composed by the songster, you would for sure connect to the song 'Yenduke Ravanamma...' which was a chartbuster back then. The song was composed and sang on IT rescission and is related to the marriage of a careless guy. Here goes it.

'Devuda Devuda...' from Devudu Chesina Manushulu is another foot-tapping number sang and composed by Raghu.

'Raye Raye...' from Maryada Ramanna is one such track that leaves us grooving to it. The staggering song is still among our playlists. Thanks to the infectious voice of Raghu under the composition of Keeravani.

'Oh I Miss You...' from Neninthe is an everyday song played by the youth who miss their love. The song's thrilling music was composed by Chakri.

'Ek Do Teen Chaar...' from Sikindar, a mass number was exceptionally sung by Raghu in its Telugu version.

Perhaps the favourite song of all the ladies out there, 'Yendiro...' from Dongaata which was sung by Lakshmi Manchu is composed by Raghu Kunche! Watch the efforts of Raghu behind the hit track.

Raghu has composed music for the films Ladies & Gentlemen, Nayaki, C/O Godavari, Mama Manchu Alludu Kanchu, and the likes.

Besides these, Raghu Kunche is also a voice-over artist who has rendered his voice for a good number of films and roles. We wish to receive many more super hit songs from you, Raghu Kunche. Happy Birthday once again.

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