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Written by : Entertainment Team
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Marriage is a life-time event whose memories are worth cherishing and treasuring for the rest of life. Since the wedding season has taken a break and the families of the newly-wed, including the special duo, had been on their toes during the preparations and the D-day, it is only the after-ceremony phase that they get to reminisce and reserve the actual happenings.

While these days, we have pre-wed shoot sections and professional photographers to capture the special moments, it is indeed the best background scores or tracks that bring in some life to those memories. And of course, the best selection of music is the key for wedding albums, especially, if it is a traditional Hindu wedding, and if it is a Telugu wedding ceremony, the rituals are plenty and the D-Day is full of rituals and special happenings.

So, capturing those life-time-memories with the help of wedding songs is a smart idea. And by marriage songs, we don't mean that list of tracks which would make you sway and swirl. But these are the ones that bring smile to the faces of newly-weds besides making the to-be-married ones wanna prepone their marriage plans.

So, let's listen to the beautiful melodies..

'Srirasthu Subhamasthu' from Pelli Pustakam

'Seethamma Andalu...' from Subha Sankalpam

'Alanati Ramachandrudi...' from Murari

'Dharmardha Kamamula...' from Johny

'Aakasam Pandiri Vesindi...' from Aahwanam

'Pallakilo Pellikuthuru...' from Pallakilo Pellikuthuru

'Aidhurojula Pelli...' from Varudu

'Devathalara Randi...' from Aahvaanam

'Rarandoi Veduka Chuddam...' from Rarandoi Veduka Chuddam

'Meghaallo Sannaayi...' from Seethamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu

'Shatamanam Bhavati...' from Shatamanam Bhavati

'Kalyanam Vybhogam...' from Srinivasa Kalyanam

What say guys? Have these songs made you nostalgic? Write to us your favourite song from the list. Let us see which track gets the maximum hits.

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