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Backstreet Boys Release New Music Video 'No Place'

Written by : Entertainment Team
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Backstreet Boys have unveiled the music video of their new track 'No place...'. The video centers around the importance of family, as the pop group is shown playing with their children and spending time with their wives.

There are many sweet moments in the video, including the band's oldest member Kevin Richardson roasting marshmallows with his children, AJ McLean dancing around with his daughters, Nick Carter reading to his son and Brian Littrell cooking with his wife and son while they all sing along.

The lyric "There ain't no place, ain't no place like you" repeats in the chorus, explaining that despite all the cities and sights, Backstreet Boys have visited across the globe, nothing compares to being with the ones they love.

Here goes the music video – 'No Place...'

The single is from their upcoming album DNA. It is the pop group's 10th studio album and will be released on January 25.

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